I have always seen myself as a person who is born to become an academic, and a proponent of art and culture; every decision I have made and I will make, are in service of academia, art and culture.

I am first and foremost curious about the question of “language and how it creates cultural reality in the globalized age”. I want to know how cultural artefacts (literature included) can shape different cultural realities through the traces and plays of language, and how globalization is affecting this process and creating cultural imperialism. My secondary interest is studying the role of language and culture in psychological and ontological ideas in different literary traditions of the world. Therefore, in conventional categorization, my research interests will be best placed somewhere between poststructuralism and neocolonialism, with cultural/critical theory and comparative literature tendencies.

I write in different forms and genres, take photos, play musical instruments, create podcasts and teach languages. I do all of these things mostly as an amateur, while I see research and writing poetry as my profession.

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