Different Means for Buying My English Chapbook.

1. Buying the Paperback:

At the moment, the paperback version is accessible through Amazon in 16 different countries and also on Amazon.com.

2. Buying the Ebook:

The Ebook is purchasable through the website of the publisher for less than half the price of the paperback version.

3. Buying the book in Iran:

You can buy the Ebook in Iran through the same method if you have a PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account or you are interested in buying the paperback version, you should Email me at contact@sohrabmosahebi.com and place your order. I will contact you with payment methods and details.

It should also be mentioned that while the availability of the paperback version in Iran cannot be always guaranteed, in case of it being available, it would be sold with the same price as the Ebook (less than half the actual price) to compensate for the huge exchange rate between Iranian Rial and other currencies.

In my path towards greatness!

The sole purpose of this website is to have a personal portfolio to document my different activities, in my personal path towards my goal in life. It is more of a personal project than a published announcement. However, I appreciate it if you join me on this journey and support me in the different academic and artistic activities I am doing.

Sohrab Mosahebi